Book Trailers

The advent of the e-Reader has forever changed the writing industry.  Authors of all genres are rushing to publish their own materials rather than pine after agents whose selections have become increasingly more narrow.  Smashwords, ePub, Amazon’s KDP, Lulu, and a slue of other Indie companies have streamlined the process and caused an explosion in the marketplace.  Just one problem remains: advertising.

Enter the book trailer.  With engaging text, pictures, video, and distribution information, the book trailer is an author’s best friend.  Sadly, most are thrown together using basic software and copyrighted material–poorly done and illegal.  Oh sure, high-end production companies will make one for you, but at Hollywood prices.  Who can afford that?

FLATLINE-FILMS offers an economic and professional solution.  We specialize in high-quality book trailers that capture your novel.  We value working closely with authors to achieve their vision while offering professional expertise.

Recently, our book trailer for Defy by author Raine Thomas won “Best Trailer of 2011-12” at the Utopian Young Adult Conference in Nashville, TN, and we couldn’t have done it without all our loyal supporters!  Thank you all!

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